The 4th Grade Program will...

· Foster historical thinking and deepen understanding of life in the Mexican and early American periods of 1821 to 1872 by visiting and experiencing “primary source” locations.

· Develop and apply thinking and learning aligned to Common Core State Standards including: citing evidence, reasoning and rationale, research, perspective and point of view, and argumentation.

· Develop an appreciation for the contributions of diverse groups in the history of California as well as recognizing and understanding the impacts and influence of bias, prejudice, and discrimination.

· Program runs weekdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm with visits to various State Park sites, the Mormon Battalion U.S. Army of the West, and a lunch break.

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• Teachers Resource Guide 9.17.2013

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• Old Town San Diego State Historic Park Educational Tours brochure

This Grant is available to all schools throughout San Diego County through the Old Town San Diego Foundation.

Please contact The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, for Tour information, all contacts listed below.



W: 619-725-5574 Email:

Contact the Old Town State Historic Park Educational
Tour Coordinator at 619-688-3362 or email for details of the tour and procedures.
Old Town San Diego Foundation - P.O. Box 80451- San Diego, CA 92138
Follow these steps to book your class’s and/or school’s trip:

1. Designate a school site coordinator who will get site administrator approval and organize the trip.

2. School site coordinator schedules tour with: Old Town San Diego State Historic Park Educational Tour Coordinator at 619-688-3362 or email for details of the tour and procedures.

3. Site coordinator books transportation though School District transportation (Note: school sites must cover the transportation cost and the OTSDF grant will cover the Tour. If site has PTA please contact your PTA President In an effort to cover transportation cost. This collaboration is supported by SDPTA Council).

4. Site coordinator applies to Old Town San Diego Foundation for a Grant for the Old Town Historic State Park Tour which covers $7/pupil and one adult/10 students.
(Apply here: OTSDF Grant Request Form. Grant approval voucher will be emailed to you.)

5. Distribute and collect student permission slips.

6. After the Field Learning Experience, site coordinator returns completed grant approval voucher to OTSDF.

Note: Please limit adult chaperons to one adult per 10 students. Any additional adults will be charged $8.
San Diego County 4th graders Need your help.
Please donate through their gofundme page.
Become a sustaining friend/member of the Old Town San Diego Foundation by providing your financial support for this most worthwhile

effort. The Foundation is committed to helping San Diego County’s children understand the world they live in, develop critical thinking

skills, and feel a sense of identity by bringing to life the early history of San Diego. Knowing the past helps to lay a foundation for children

to know who they are and empowers them to shape their futures.